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Specialized light- to heavy-duty towing services are offered by Buggy Towing and Roadside Ltd. Your car or vehicle will be transported over any distance safely and without harm, thanks to our specialist tools and methods.

Our Towing


Light-Duty Towing Services

It’s reassuring to know that help will arrive quickly when you need it. If your car has malfunctioned or fallen ill and is unable to move on its own, don’t worry. Along with other forms of roadside assistance, we offer light-duty towing, and our labor costs are consistently fair.


Medium-Duty Towing Services

It might be risky to leave a vehicle on the road if it breaks down or becomes inoperable. Your car can be swiftly and safely driven to a shop or other location by using our medium-duty towing service.                                                                              


Heavy-Duty Towing Services

If you need heavy-duty towing services, Buggy Towing and Roadside Ltd. can handle the job safely, competently, and quickly. You can rely on our friendly and experienced crew to show up in 30 minutes or less when you call us for heavy duty.

About Us

You may rest confident that Buggy Towing and Roadside Ltd. has your back, regardless of the time of day or night that a traffic accident occurs. We are the most reputable local towing company in town, with more than six years of experience. Don’t be afraid to call us if something goes wrong on the road because we are available all day and night, even on holidays.

The importance of your car in your life cannot be overstated. Our team consistently goes above and beyond for our customers; therefore, we make a commitment to act fast so that you may resume your normal routine right away following an inconvenience like being stranded or towed away from home!

Our Roadside Assistance Services

If you’ve ever been stranded, you know how important it is to have a reliable roadside assistance service. Regardless of the circumstances, Buggy Towing and Roadside Ltd. is committed to giving its customers the finest service possible. Contact us immediately to see how we can assist you in getting back on the road.

Gas Delivery

Running out of gas is never a convenient experience. If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with an empty gas tank, don’t panic! Our gas delivery service is here to help.

Car JumpStart

With our assistance, starting your car won’t be a problem for you. We’ll make sure your automobile is kept up to date and that you won’t have to worry about jumping it yourself.

Car Lockout

Be cool and dial (208) 803-0455 to make sure you are speaking with a reliable lockout service provider if you find yourself locked out of your house, business, or car.

Tire Change

When you call us for a tire change or repair service, you can relax because our priority will be your safety. We’ll respond to the problem as quickly as possible with emergency vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about being stuck while driving.

Mechanical Repair

We provide a broad range of mechanical repairs, such as diagnostics for engines, braking and suspension work, and more. Our highly qualified experts can repair any automotive problem, no matter how basic or difficult. To receive a free consultation and price quote, call us right away.

Clutch Repair

To get your automobile maintained properly, get in touch with our team of professionals. Don’t wait to get help if you have clutch issues! We’ll assist with diagnosis, repair, and everything in between, making sure that it’s handled quickly to avoid creating any further problems or complications down the road.


What Our Clients Say About Us

"Buggy Towing and Roadside Ltd. unlocked my car quickly, and they offer a very good price for their services!"
Mikolaj Fry
"I got a flat tire while traveling to work, but Buggy Towing and Roadside Ltd. quickly came to my rescue. They are really reliable all the time!"
Dawn Friedman
Software consultant
"The best TOW business ever! Very efficient and more affordable than the other towing companies in Boise, Idaho."
Robyn Davila
Probation officer
"In addition to being on time, Buggy Towing and Roadside Ltd. assisted us in locating a mechanic who would work on our car even on a holiday! Again, many thanks!"
Roger Herrera

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You can always rely on us to take care of your car as if it were our own. We’ll go above and beyond in order to turn those unfortunate days into less worrisome ones!


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